August 21, 2015

Screen & Window Solutions

Screen and Window Solutions, the sister company of Integrity Home Inspections, offers our clients a variety of different services from repairs to custom-built solutions. We have nearly ten years experience with screen and window repair in the Cedar Rapids area. We offer a FULL SERVICE to our clients.  We can uninstall and reinstall the units in need of repair, provide pickup and delivery options, and fix window units onsite!


SCREEN REPLACEMENTAre your screens worn, torn, or bent? No problem, we can fix them.  We replace the screen material in your window screens. We offer many different materials and colors. We can fix and/or replace bent frames, broken corners, damaged pull tabs, knife locks, plungers, etc.  Contact us for an estimate on one or all of your window screens.



CUSTOM-BUILT SCREENSWe offer custom built screens for those windows of yours that are missing screens.  Again, we offer many different materials and colors. Offering a variety of different screen options we know we can make a screen to meet your needs.




GLASS WINDOW REPAIRGlazed window panes are typically found in older homes.  We can replace and glaze new panes or reglaze your original, undamaged panes.  In many cases we can even repair damaged wooden window sashes.




DOUBLE PANE WINDOW REPAIRIs your double pane window broken or allowing moisture to accumulate between the panes?  We can repair or replace damaged panes in your double pane windows.  We offer a variety of glass styles to match your existing panes.  We can also get panes that are tinted or more energy efficient.




SCREEN DOOR REPAIRScreen doors can take a lot of abuse, especially from kids and pets.  We can repair your screen doors with normal fiberglass or aluminum screening. We are also able to install a special petscreen that can resist pet scratching and kids pushing on your screen doors.




SCREEN PORCHDo you have a screen porch that needs some attention?  We can help. We offer a variety of different options for your screen porch, from new construction to repairing existing porches.